2910 E Sunrise Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304

VIP Packages


Renting Prices for VIP Packages:

1HR Jet Ski & 1HR Slingshot
2HR Jet Ski & 4HR Slingshot
2HR Jet Ski & 24HR Slingshot
1HR Jet Ski & 4HR Scooter
2HR Jet Ski & 4HR Scooter
2HR Jet Ski & 24HR Scooter
3HR Jet Ski & 24HR Scooter
2HR Jet Ski & 24HR Indian Scout
2HR Jet Ski & 24HR Sport Bike
2HR Jet Ski & 24HR Golf Cart

Enjoy one of our exclusive VIP packages and let Hotscooter rental take care of all the fun on your Fort Lauderdale trip. We have paired some of our most popular activities together at a discount price so you can have the most fun and save money without missing out on activities. (Reservations can be upgraded at the time of the rental).

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